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This hotel is near the New Orleans Airport in Kenner, LA. It is about 12 miles into the city. Rooms in hotels in or near the city are WAY MORE expensive per night! We will have information in your Welcome Aboard packet regarding how to get into the city , where to park, etc. If you wish to use a taxi or Uber, the rate is set by City ordinance at $33 one way.


The "Ready Room" (AKA Hospitality Room) is one of the most valued parts of the Reunion and everyone looks forward to gathering in a large space to catch up and just enjoy one another's company. But very few hotels have a meeting room large enough to accommodate our group. Bargain rate hotels do not have these large meeting rooms.

When we negotiate with the hotels, we receive the large meeting room at no additional fee in partial recognition of the number of rooms our group books in the hotel.

You may be able to find a nearby hotel that is cheaper but when you do that, you will be hurting the organization. If we don't book a certain number of rooms, we may have to pay for the "Ready Room."

DON'T USE POINTS! If you use hotel chain or airline points, it won't count toward our total, so please, pay for the room and help the Reunion organization keep costs down for everyone.

In the past, I have been one of the biggest offenders. No one ever explained the economics to me.

I will not do it again!