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SECRETARY - Brian Ryan—Orlando, FL

This past Saturday, I went to The Boat Show to window shop with what I was confident was a winning PowerBall ticket in my wallet. I wore my FDR hat - it's often a good conversation starter. As I strolled past one of the booths a young lady called out to me, "Sir, were you on the Roosevelt?". I stopped and replied in the affirmative. She said her dad was a cook aboard Rosie in the mid 60s. Her booth partner, an older woman, looked stunned and said "No way! My brother was on that ship in the 1960s and was a cook also." As we talked, they were thrilled. One called her dad in Tampa, and the other called her brother in Ohio, right then! Turned out they may have known one another.

gave them each my business card with some Reunion Association info, and asked them to pass them along to the father and brother. Hopefully they will contact me and we will have 2 more association members.

So wear your Rosie hats often, and with pride. You never know where or when you'll meet a shipmate.

PS - I didn’t win the PowerBall!

WEBMASTER—Steve Dukes, Tampa FL

I enlisted in Nov 69 in Iowa and was given the choice of Boot Camp at Great Lakes or San Diego; tough choice with winter approaching! From San Diego I went to Treasure Island for ET A & C schools. In Jan 72, I got orders for Rosie. I maintained the SPS-37 Air Search Radar (that HUGE black antenna on the starboard side).

Made 3 Med. Cruises. Got out in Nov. 1975 as an ETR2.

When Bob asked if I would do the website I said I would try (since I had never published a website before). I learned quickly it would be easier to completely build a new site from scratch than try to modify and update the old one. I "captured" the information from the old site and moved it to the new as well as adding some new information and then meshed them together.

I always enjoy suggestions for improvement and welcome any photos you may have taken aboard Rosie which can be added to the "Shipboard Memories" area (located at the bottom of the "FDR Stats and History" page). Visit the website at

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