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At the New Orleans Reunion, we will vote for the future of this organization.

Will we:


Merge or join with another organization?

Continue on as USS FDR CV42 Reunion?

Several members have written passionate letters saying we need to stay as is. We cannot accept absentee votes. The fate of the organization will be determined by the members in attendance.

IF the membership votes to continue on as the USS FDR CV42 Reunion, there are a number of bylaws changes that are needed. One of those is to rescind the requirement that the reunion be held just after Mother’s Day in May.

There are many others and these will be posted on the website and will be available as printed copies at the Reunion.

It is vital that you come and let your voice be heard.

Please don’t not attend then gripe about something that was decided at the membership meeting!

It is also vital that you step up and ask:

“How can I help?”

This is not a “spectator sport.”

Come willing to pitch in and help.