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Presidential Prattlings -

I want to start by thanking everyone who has taken the time to call or email me to say “Thanks for arranging the New Orleans Reunion!” or “Thanks for taking the helm” or some other from of support.

I appreciate the words of encouragement.

I asked you to "Sound Off" if something was bugging you and I got a number of great question regarding the New Orleans Reunion:

Q/ How come no booze at the reunion? I don't drink said beverages but lots do AND it has always been available before. Is this just for this Hotel ?

A/ No booze is all me. I won't be an officer in any organization that supplies booze. When the organization was formed in 1988, you could get stopped by a cop and be let go with a wink & a warning. These days, if one of our members has one too many and is in an accident, blows a .08, the cop's gonna ask " where did you get the booze?" "Oh, we're having a reunion and it's just sitting on the tables!" I am not a teetotaler - I enjoy a nip as much as the next guy. It’s NOT about drinking or not drinking - It’s all about liability.

Please note that we did work out a discount at the hotel bar with your USS FDR Reunion name tag. Also, you may choose to DISCREETLY bring your own but YOU are responsible for compliance with all appropriate laws and ordinances.

Bottom line is, if you feel strongly about this, elect someone else President - or run yourself, because as long as I am at the helm, the Reunion will not supply alcohol in any form.

Q/ Dinner cruise.

In the newsletter it says if on your own the ticket would be $81.00.

If going in the group $90.?? I didn't major in Marketing but.....

A/ Just the ticket to get a seat on the boat & have dinner is $81 pp for a "walk-up." You've got to get yourself there and back to the hotel as well as pay for parking. We're going to drop you off dock side and then later, carry you back to the hotel.