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Q/ Several Questions on Banquet: … Why no salad ?

A/ Again, this is all me. I drove to New Orleans and met with the Crowne Plaza Manager of Group Sales over lunch. I had some of their gumbo and it was fantastic! When the Head Chef joined us I asked if we could have a cup of the gumbo in place of the tossed salad. He thought a minute and said "Sure!"

You can get a tossed salad anyplace you go and it will be pretty much the same stuff.

But you're going to be in New Orleans! Take advantage!

Besides - Soup in place of a salad is not that uncommon.

... Sauces on all the selections ?

A/ See above - we are going to be in New Orleans! Everything is sauced in New Orleans! You've got three genuine Cajun/Creole dishes. We'll have the rubber chicken and roast beast when we go back to Yankee-land!

… No changes can be made?

A/ Not literally. Just in the last week. Once you make your meal selection(s), you can change your mind - just let me know. But once we submit the selections to the Chef, (the Friday before the Reunion convenes) he will begin acquiring the material and no changes can be made after that.

... $38.00 for dinner?

A/ This is actually a very reasonable price for a hotel - plated dinner delivered to the tables by servers. Buffets are a little cheaper but we have some members who are not fully ambulatory. This is open for discussion for future reunions. If most want to save a few bucks and use a buffet, that is certainly a possibility.

Just an aside - We are sharing the hotel with USS Ticonderoga Reunion and I've had comms with them. They are using an agency and are paying more per night for the room and substantially more per plate at their banquet. When I shared our numbers, they jokingly asked if I'd consider working for them for their next reunion!.

Thanks for these great questions!

If there is something else you've got on your mind, let me know!

If we don't know what you want, we cannot make it happen.